Peer Review Policy

  1. Purpose

The Journal for Business Research Review (JBRR) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity and scholarly excellence. Peer review is an essential component of this commitment, ensuring the quality, validity, and relevance of the research published in our journal.

  1. Peer Review Process

2.1 Submission: Upon submission of a manuscript to JBRR, the editorial office conducts an initial assessment to ensure that the submission adheres to the journal's scope and formatting guidelines.

2.2 Assignment: Manuscripts that pass the initial screening are assigned to at least two independent reviewers with expertise relevant to the subject matter of the submission. Reviewers are selected based on their expertise, objectivity, and absence of conflicts of interest.

2.3 Review: Reviewers evaluate the manuscript based on its originality, significance, methodology, clarity, and adherence to ethical standards. Reviewers provide constructive feedback and recommendations to the authors to improve the quality of their work.

2.4 Decision: Following the peer review process, the Editor-in-Chief makes a decision regarding the acceptance, revision, or rejection of the manuscript. Authors are notified of the decision along with reviewers' comments and suggestions.

  1. Double-Blind Review

JBRR employs a double-blind peer review process, wherein the identities of both the authors and the reviewers are concealed from each other. This ensures an impartial evaluation of the manuscript based solely on its merit.

  1. Confidentiality

Reviewers are required to treat all manuscripts assigned to them for review as confidential documents. They must not disclose any information regarding the manuscript or its content to any third party without prior authorization from the editorial office.